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Bella is based on the Italian courtesan of Renaissance-era Rome Isabella de Luna. Bella basically made her way overseas to America with the Harlot Queens using her charming demeanor with each man she met. She tends to walk out of her home intoxicated these days, which adds to her silly and sometimes crazy personality. Despite her reputation of high alcohol consumption, she is a very sweet soul. However, she is currently in debt and has her eye on your goods if you leave them unattended. Keep an eye on your toilet paper! (Why did you even bring TP to a Renaissance Fair?)


Bella is a music director in Central MA, where she directs her choir, sings, and plays piano and organ. She also teaches voice lessons throughout the week to some very talented young artists! She spends her free time recording covers and original songs on her Instagram page (@patricemetcalfmusart) and looking lovingly into her cat's eyes. Bella has her BA in Music Performance from Westfield State University.

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