Origin: New England

Genre: Bawdy/Comedy/Renaissance

Years Active: 2017 - Present

Official The Harlot Queens  |

The Harlot Queens were founded in 2017 by veteran Renaissance Faire performers looking to create an act that included music, games, and physical comedy. We have performed at faires in the New England area and hope to expand to other locations. We are also available for parties.


We are a troupe of three to six women who perform (2) unique 30-minute “bawdy" shows, geared towards adults, but not overtly risqué or inappropriate in case there are kiddos nearby. We CAN customize our shows to be very tame or very wild - we even specialize in after-dark shows!


Our performance centers around singing in harmony with some instrumental or percussion accompaniment, while incorporating a partially scripted, hilarious show all about our Queenly attempts (mostly failed) at love. We specialize in audience participation and impromptu fan interactions (we are all trained Ren Faire performers). We are at our best when we are in the tavern!


Currently, we do not come with merchandise, just simple promotional handouts. You can see more about our group in the links below, but we are also happy to answer any questions! We don’t have many photos yet as we are still searching for the right photographer to capture our best moments, but you can see us on our Facebook page (@TheHarlotQueens).