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Hellenora F'aquine Huit Y A


Regina has been performing since she was a wee lass. Throughout the many stages of her life she has been a member of many choirs and ensembles, studied privately with vocal coaches, and has performed in front of crowds of over 10,000. She loves performing on stage and is very active in community theater in Western Massachusetts. Not just bound to the stage, Regina has also performed as a both a cast member and as a variety act at numerous Renaissance Faires. She also enjoys working behind the curtain/camera and has worn the hats of Director, Assistant Director, Production Manager, and Stage Manager for several projects, both in theater and film!

She masquerades as the Queen of Clubs while performing with the Harlot Queens, a group of talented, sassy, sultry ladies with whom she loves to share a stage! Her character, Hellenora, takes some inspiration from Eleanor of Aquitaine. As you may be able to tell from her name, she has a french background but also spent part of her life in England.


Hellenora was lowborn in France and severely mistreated by the nobility she served, then was later shipped off to England where she fooled a Baron into believing she was of high birth; she made him fall in love with her and they were married before he died suddenly, less than a year after they were wed. After posing as a Lady for many years, she was eventually sentenced to punishment for crimes committed as a mistress to various noblemen, all whom mysteriously fell ill or died during Hellenora's adulterous forays. It is said that she would seduce these well-bred men only to violently turn on them as punishment for their barbarous treatment of servants and peasants. It is not surprising that she escaped her capture and now travels the world with a group of feisty, female, traveling companions; she is still seducing men, but now mostly for pleasure rather than punishment.

Even through a dark and violent past, Hellenora possesses a jubilant, vivacious spirit and is keen to merriment in all its forms. However, she remains volatile and mercurial, particularly in her interactions with the opposite sex; it is said that she struggles with an internal conflict between her desire to befriend a man and her eagerness to maim him. Her fickle nature also tends to affect her speech; when she is in good spirits (most of the time), she retains her english accent, but be wary when you hear a tinge of french in her voice, which generally implies a change of heart or mood!

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