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Queen of Swords


Mal has spent much of their life disguised as a man, as it was the only way to use their exceptional sword work and combat tactics in the army. After advancing quite far in the ranks, a fateful love affair left Mal’s true identity revealed. Mal was not bothered by this, however, as they had been finding the army increasingly dull - now was their chance to seek out adventure! Where better to use their specific skill set than in a crew on the high seas! If the men on these ships had an issue with Mal’s identity, they quickly learned to keep it to themselves after Mal swiftly defeated any challenger in a duel. Having since surrounded themselves with a crew of jovial, like-minded pirates, Mal sails to their hearts content, exploring and adventuring without a care in the world. One evening, as the crew was spending their mysteriously gained coin in a tavern, Mal met the Harlot Queens. Immediately, Mal was impressed by the lot of them, finding them to be a fascinating, delightful crew of their own. Mal was eager to tag along with them to see what mischief they got up to!

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