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How We Met


The strangest thing has happened. I promised to take care of The Rusty Tap in your absence, and I have. No one can say I haven't. And if they do, let me know who is running their gob and I'll take care of it. Instead of the usual pumpkin heads that gather in the tavern, lately, I've noticed more and more unaccompanied fine-lookin ladies. One has struck a bit of a deal with me. She says if I pay them no mind, and don't scare off the male patrons with my fists and harsh words, she'll pay me a bit of coin each week. You always said that I had a head for business, and so I've accepted the deal, as I believe you would have yerself.

Your Daughter,


p.s. They say I need a bit of a makeover. What do ya think?

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