Sadie "The Goat"


Sadie is based off the possibly fictional, definitely legendary Sadie Farrell, also known as Sadie the Goat. Sadie earned her curious nickname as a result of her particularly vicious maneuver she picked up in her many years of thievery. Upon spotting her victim, she would take off at a sprint and ram them in the stomach with her head. She was one of the only female American pirates, and is known for leading the all-male Charlton Street Gang of Manhattan. Sadie was the Queen of the New York Waterfront, leading her gang up and down the Hudson River, plundering and kidnapping as she went, and becoming one of the richest pirates in American history. 


As Queen of the Waterfront, Sadie feels right at home with her fellow Harlot Queens. Her secret soft side has been known to make an appearance during a moving ballad (though she’ll never admit it). When she’s not robbing the unknowing blind, she’s busy stealing hearts of those who come to see the Queens perform. Fierce and flirtatious, this Queen of Spades is not to be reckoned with. 


When she’s not spending time with Sadie, Sam is a licensed esthetician who dabbles in art, makeup, and music (among other things). No stranger to the performing world, Sam has been acting for over a decade. From community theatre to theme park entertainment, she’s had the opportunity to engage with all varieties of audiences, and never gets enough of the thrill of performing. She would like to extend her heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports the Harlot Queens, and cannot wait to see you in the tavern soon!