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Seraphina is our Queen of Suns in more ways than one and she'll put a little spark in your life and perhaps your house. 

Not much is know about the young Seraphina Hatlen’s past, but we know she’s been running from it. She never stays in one place too long, always leaving behind a blaze of fire. Literally. It seems that every time Seraphina skips town, a house mysteriously burns down. Rumor has it she once leveled an entire village because of a broken heart. But you’d never guess any of that from her sweet and sunny demeanor. She enjoys frolicking in fields of wild flowers and dancing in the rain (or in the local taverns). Although, you’d better not make her angry. She can go from sweet to sour in an instant and gives new meaning to putting “a little spark in your life.” In the 21st century, Seraphina Hatlen is played by Aislinn Bail. She is a musical theatre major at Columbia College Chicago and you can follow all of her antics and expeditions on Instagram.

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