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Queen of Moons


Esther was born in the Jewish quarter of Glasgow, the daughter of a book seller and a seamstress.  She was orphaned at a young age and sent to live in the Highlands with her aunt, an apothecary.  Her aunt began to teach her the apothecarial arts, which she soon proved to be supremely gifted in.  While she has a talent for all forms of treatments and cures, Esther is particularly skilled with treatments for carnal needs and women’s ailments of all types.  She has travelled far and wide, dispensing remedies, treatments, and potions.  When stopping for a drink in a lovely pub called the Rusty Tap, she encountered this band of hot-blooded divas and was fortunate enough to get taken in as their on-call potion mistress (and sister singer). Esther has come to be known as the Queen of Moons, a nod to the lunar calendar of her people, but believe us when we say she’s not cold and distant as the moon: she is, on the contrary, very warm and welcoming to people of all varieties (and her beloved moon has looked down on her enjoying the company of people of all sorts).


In the real world, Gilana is a middle school librarian and actress.  She has performed in many community theatre productions in Western Massachusetts and has been a cast member in multiple Renaissance Faires.  She lives with her partner and her cat.

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