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Queen of Thorns


Rosalina is a sweet soul hailing from spicy southern Italy. She was born into a family of rope crafters who lived by the seaside. As such, she learned how to work hard, twisting and pulling fibers into a large thick rope. When the products were finished, young Rosalina would volunteer to deliver the goods to the shipyard. There, she would have the opportunity to socialize with the sailors. Most of the men quite enjoyed her company and warmth as they sang and drank the nights away. One of the kinder lads taught her the nautical art of rope tying. 

Unfortunately, mastering this skill would earn her notoriety in the small town-and beyond-through word of mouth by seafarers. If you were less than kind to the sweet signorina, you might find yourself…in a bind. Most notably, she was said to have tethered a man to a rose bush in the center of town without any clothing. Nobody knew what he did to deserve being pricked by so many thorns, but from that moment on she was referred to as La Regina delle Spine-The Queen of Thorns. With Rosalina, you either get the delicate, soft, sweet-scented rose-or the harsh, painful, stabbing thorns. It’s up to you to decide which one you prefer. 

As fate would have it, Rosalina encountered other Queens not long after fleeing her hometown. The moment she saw them singing with sailors, her heart leapt with joy. She had found her tribe with the magnificent Harlot Queens.

Rosalina goes by Melanie in this realm, and she has always loved singing and performing. She longed to put her BFA to use after some unfortunate circumstances as a result of the plague of 2020. On a whim, she decided to perform at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire in 2023, and fell in love with the whole faire scene. When not performing, Melanie enjoys eating good food, snuggling with her cat, and spending time with loved ones. 

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