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Queen of Diamonds


Grainne is a pickpocket, named for her famous ancestor, pirate Grainne O'Malley. Be careful if you sit next to her at a pub. Treat her well and she'll entertain you with a story or a song, treat her poorly, and you'll lose a week's wages.

Grainne was the inspiration for Queen of Diamonds, and the song Black Velvet Band.

"Her eyes, they shown like the diamonds

You'd think she was queen of the land

And her hair hung over her shoulder

Tied up with a black velvet band..."

In the mundane world, Grainne has been performing for most of her life, dancing, singing, and acting. At  her university, she studied theatre, vocal performance, and arts integration  She also holds a M.Ed.  By day, she is a theatre teacher and director.

Grainne began attending renaissance faires while in college and fell in love with the atmosphere. She has appeared on cast at a few faires and currently directs. 

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