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Queen of Tongues


Born in France, Valentine grew up speaking la langue d’amour. But they quickly discovered that love is a language all its own, with hundreds of tiny dialects. Valentine made it their business to become fluent in each one, and to share their knowledge with whoever needed it. The jilted suitor, the hopeful youth, the bored spouse—Valentine would listen, and teach them (quite thoroughly) the language that would solve their problems.


Unfortunately, Valentine was often a little too good at coaching their clients. For all their successes, they’ve left behind an equal number of angry families and spurned lovers that kept them very distinctly on the move. Traveling as a troubadour, Valentine moved from town to town, providing their services as a matchmaker (and match-breaker) wherever would still let them through the gates. Eventually, though, they ran out of safe havens and had no choice but to flee across the Channel to escape the consequences of their most recent actions. But this was a blessing in disguise, for Valentine encountered the Harlot Queens in a port tavern soon after landing. They knew, as soon as they laid eyes on the saucy band, that this was a match made in heaven.


In real life, Valentine is played by Len. They’ve been a performer all their life, and currently play regularly for contra and English country dances—as well as any other opportunities that tickle their fancy. Len lives in Western MA and spends their free time writing, sewing, and trying to keep the cat from chewing on their power cords.

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