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Queen of Coins


Gwendolyn “Gwen” was born as the daughter to a minor duke, but exhibited far from royal behavior. As a duke's daughter, Gwen was expected to marry fast, but they were none too pleased about that. Instead of wooing the various lords and knights at the balls their father would send them to, the disenchanted daughter would challenge any man who came too close to a game of chance. If he won, he could take Gwen home. If Gwen won, well…the lord might leave with a little less coin in his pocket. They assure you, the odds are always 50/50! Just as long as you agree to play with their very specific dice, coin, or deck of cards…

After their father grew tired of these tricks, Gwen was sent to live in a secluded convent in southern France. Luckily, Gwen was quick to charm a kitchen maid, who graciously agreed to let them sneak out. While Gwen’s father still believes them to be on best behavior with the nuns, Gwen is actually back at their old tricks…this time, with a whole band of mischevious queens! If you’re feeling lucky, Gwen might let you try your hand at a game of chance or wits…who knows, the odds could be in your favor!


In this century, Gwen is played by Brooke. They are a theatre performer of over a decade in and around Southeastern MA and Rhode Island, and a lover of all things renaissance faires. They live with their partner and cat, and spend their days playing Dungeons and Dragons, singing in the kitchen, and enjoying live music whenever possible.

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