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Queen of Beasts


Daphne was the daughter of a noble family. As an infant, she was stolen from her crib, her kidnappers thinking they would hide out with her in the forest until a large ransom was paid. Unbeknownst to them, Daphne was a very loud baby, and they soon tossed her bassinet down a hill to avoid capture and save their ears.


Fortunately, she was saved by the woodland critters and was raised among them. The badgers protected her and the beavers taught her how to create a home, but she was too noisy even for them. She found kin amongst the lively and chaotic squirrels. She lamented to her closest squirrel friend, Steve, that although she was very happy in the woods, she was lonely for a tribe of her own. Steve led her towards the villages, where she was able to observe humankind from afar. She was fascinated and excitedly distracted by (and attracted to) all the people and jumped right in, with only the knowledge of squirrel society to guide her. The Queen of Beasts quickly earned a reputation as quite the feral lover, and many an adventurer tried to tame her, without success. Still seeking, Daphne traveled the forest trails for a long time, stopping occasionally at a village, until one night she heard some ruckus at a local tavern where the Harlot Queens were enjoying an evening of song and mischief. Daphne immediately threw herself into the fray and asked to join their adventures, not caring where they went, content to have found her tribe.


Off the page, Daphne is the creation of Trishadee. A storyteller, musician, performer and teacher, she has lived, traveled, and performed all over the world. After recently hiking the Appalachian Trail, “Tdee” finds that she is not so different from Daphne these days, and loves her time feeding her squirrels while constantly pursuing new creative endeavors. A native of Long Island, NY, Trishadee currently resides in Western MA with her husband and whoever comes to their door for a glass of wine, a hot meal, or a comfy bed (when their two amazing kiddos aren’t home, that is!).

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