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Queen of Flowers


Maximiliana, or Liana for short, is our blooming little seductress. She is a roaming, floral dream queen with a sunny disposition. Just don’t cross her path, or you may end up with a stinging rash.


Dabbling in magical flower concoctions, this queen is here to woo you. What’s in the tea? Don’t ask, and don’t spill it. That lustful wish of yours may turn into a choking apology.


So what are you waiting for? Come smell the roses, but don’t push the daisies. Look on the bright side and you may be lucky in love.


When not prancing around like the embodiment of a sunflower, Liana answers to the names Amanda, Jingles, Sunshine, Rose Girl, The Pretty Flower Selling Lady… She has been working at various Renaissance Faires since 2010 as a pub wench, rose and flower seller, and songstress. Her other mundane jobs are too mundane to be mentioned here, and almost as important.

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